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Audio DAC Booster App

After my very long experience in soundModding and my studies of app development, i decided to make my first small apllication, just for qualcomm phones to enable the full potential of your phone’s DAC

Quick effect desciption

Every Qualcomm phone has an in-built Wcd audio DAC wich can be configurable in some parameters where you can enable/disable some options or modify some configuration values. This App enables the “High performance mode” of your phone\’s DAC to maximize its power and bring you the best audio quality possible!


Long/Detailed Effect description

This App does 2 main things: At first (crucial one) it enables Qualcomm’s high_performancce_mode on your in-built WCD9xxx DAC, this switches headphones class amplifier from Class G to Class A/B wich is like setting “performnace” CPU Governor to your DAC (More detailed info about this, Here). As second thing, this app sets your ALSA sound PCM rate converter to its maximum quality (samplerate_best) and your syetm-wide resampler quality to “4” (Maximum quality value). This combination of tweaks will make your sound experience great like you\’ve never heard!


Version v1.1.0

Requires a Rooted Qualcomm device running android 5.0+

XDA thread Here