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Xperia Z5 Premium Walkman™ Download

Welcome to my Xperia Z5 Premium Walkman™ Download page!

Ported them from latest Xperia Z5 Premium Firmware!

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium


I am not responsible of any happens on your device! Flash this at you own risk!


Download  Xperia Z5 Premium Walkman™ v2.0 for any android device 5.0+

Direct download from the site:

This help us to go ahead on development and it’s a good alternative if you can’t donate! 😉


Direct Download from AFH



Stay tuned with the Official XDA Thread Here!


NOTE: About PPC Links!

Developing is all for me and when there is the passion, the Money doesn’t matter of course! But i honestly don’t have a very good situation in family, think that sometimes my father won’t let me use this PC becouse he don’t want i dvelop for such a long time or simpl he needs to use it and i don’t have my own, neither me or my parents have the money to buy a new one. PPC links are not a money grabber earning way, think that i get in the best case 5 dollars every two months, but it’s a good point to start, and at least i can have the money to eat something. I know for someone this can be a kidding thing but unlikily it’s the truth. Use PPC links can support me at least a bit to go on and go ahead with my projects. Said this, thank you for choosing this mod and have a look on XDA to get support if you need it!