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XTREMEMusic, it’s an android SoundMOD Made by me to improve android’s sound, lot’s of users are enjoying it right now and they all are like how the sound became on his own device! We have also a telegram group where you can ask all your qeustion and get instant support by me or by about 120 members that are actually in!


If you want to know more you can visit the official thread on XDA Here!



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  • sanjay

    Hey androidexpert35
    Why you stopped developement of xtrememusic.We really needed 7.3 bootloop fix on most of devices.I cant understand why XDA did to to ur threads.But i want to give you idea for continuing Xtrememusic.
    What if you can upload next versions directly on We can download them from there by searching.Hope you will keep

  • Roberto

    What about older version of android? i need xreme music for jb 4.3 on xperia sp, Does this link work for this version of android? or is it only for above android 5? Thanks

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